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Wool Mattress Pads | Use a Wool Mattress Pad for Superior Sleep Comfort
Medical Sheepskin Can Stop and Prevent Bed Sores
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Sheepskin Rugs
Wool Mattress Pad
Medical Sheepskin
Sheepskin Baby Pad
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Pamper your family, your pets, and your self with Sheepskin and wool!
The Wonders Of  Sheepskin  Wool
Ounce for ounce, Our PREMIUM QUALITY sheepskin wool products are stronger
than steel. Your sheepskin items will last for years, with minimum care, by
brushing and shaking them out or by vacuuming. Impossible to copy synthetically,
sheepskin and it's wool fibers offer an astounding list of natural qualities. And they
make great gifts.
Lawson Sheepskins' Sheepskin And Wool  products are machine washable.

Wash our sheepskin and wool products in a washing machine on cold  water using your regular
detergent, or wash by hand in a sink or bathtub. Larger items may need to be washed in the
larger machines found at Laundromats. Note: Washing doesn't harm sheepskin products, but
washing does change the appearance a little.

Dry our sheepskin products in your dryer on no-heat  setting, or air dry out of direct sun. Larger
items may need to be dried in the larger machines found at Laundromats. On sheepskin and
wool bedding you can air dry until almost dry and then machine dry a few minutes just to fluff
the wool.

You can also have your sheepskin items and wool bedding dry cleaned, but be sure the cleaners
knows it is wool. Some cleaning chemicals will turn sheepskin and wool products green.

Long pile sheepskin rugs rarely need to be machine washed. Vacuum your sheepskin rug as you
would any rug. Most dust, dirt and spills remain on the upper surface of the sheepskin wool
fibers. If something sticky is found on the sheepskin rug you can clean it up using the suds from
mixing liquid soap and water together. If Urine (pet or people) is the problem we recommend
using "Urine Gone" or a similar product on our sheepskin products.
If any of our sheepskin or wool products are used for medical reasons, you may be able to collect
under Medicare.

Filing for Medicare payment on our sheepskin and wool  Products is easy and straight forward.
Just follow the steps below:

1) Have your Doctor write a prescription for any of the sheepskin items or wool  products.

2) Take the prescription and the receipt we send  you in the order to a Medicare Office.

3) You can locate your nearest Medicare Office by looking  in the phone book in the Government
Agencies section, U. S. Government, Health & Human Services Dept., Medicare.

Any of our sheepskin products and wool items prescribed by a Doctor can be reimbursed by
Medicare. This not only includes the  wool mattress pads, but also includes our medical
sheepskin, heel and elbow wraps, wheelchair covers, and our sheepskin slippers if needed for
poor circulation, chills, etc.
Sheepskin Wool...
* does not shed, because it's attached to the skin. It's not woven and then
brushed up, like wool pile fabric that's loose enough to be pulled  out or worn
off. Sheepskin wool is embedded into the leather.
* resists snags, tears, wrinkles, soiling and pilling.
* drapes beautifully; never sags and retains shape.
* is static-free.
* is flame resistant.
* is wind-proof.
* is a natural moisturizer due to the high content of lanolin in the wool.
* is naturally water resistant.         
* is washable
Sheepskin  wool is a pure organic product and is unlike any other fiber in the world.
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